Skydiving Movie Production Resume

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth : August 23, 1956
Place of Birth : El Paso, Texas USA
Height : 6’2
Weight : 170lbs

Special Qualifications

SAG Member (Screen Actors Guild)
U.S. Parachute Association/FAA Licensed Skydiver
“D” Expert License Holder
“PRO” Professional Exhibition Rating Holder
“PADI” Certified Scuba Diver

  • Clio award for Coca Cola “Skydivers” commercial (41st annual television advertising awards)
  • Telly Award for “Team Fastrax”
  • Telly Award for “Fightscape”
  • Telly Award for “Willing To Fly”
  • Telly Award for “Kinesthesia”
  • Telly Award for “Gianfranco Ferre”
  • Telly Award for “From Wings Came Flight”
  • Mondial de Parachutisme, Festival du Film 1sst prize “From Wings Came Flight”
  • “Camera Extreme” Lifetime achievement award from Laurus Arti Cinematographicae
  • USPA Gold Medal for meritorious service

Norman Kent (founder of Skydiving Movie Productions) is an experienced:

  • Director of Photography
  • Aerial Cinematographer
  • Photographer
  • Skydiver
  • Scuba Diver
  • Stunt Man
  • Public Speaker

Norman Kent has been a photographer/cinematographer for over forty-five years, most of them as a skydiving and aerial cinematographer, director of photography and stuntman. He has over 24,000 helmet camera jumps, many hours of Tyler mount experience, combined with extensive ground shooting. Norman has participated as a cameraman in numerous feature films, commercials, television programs and documentaries.

In the skydiving community, Norman has earned the respect as the world’s best skydiving cinematographer. Included in his work are world record attempts, World-class level competitions, base-jumping and other special skydiving events around the world.

As a filmmaker, Norman has produced several skydiving films for release worldwide, which reflect the talent and creativity of his production background. “From Wings Came Flight”, “Kinesthesia – The Art of Body Flying” and “Willing to Fly” are Telly award winners.

Norman was one of the first two people to freefall 10,000 feet and land on the North Pole. This project was a joint United States/Soviet expedition.

  • 20th Century Fox – Marv “Kingsman – The Secret Service” starring Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Firth,
  • Warner Brothers “Godzilla” 2014 starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen
  • Warner Brothers “Grudge Match” starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro
  • OddLot Entertainment “Enders Game” starring Harrison Ford
  • Warner Brothers “Get Smart” starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway
  • Walt Disney Pictures “College Road Trip” starring Martin Lawrence
  • Paramount Pictures “Last Holiday” starring Queen Latifah
  • Christian Duguay “Extreme Ops” starring Timothy Scott Bogart
  • Columbia Pictures “XXX” starring Vin Diesel
  • Artisan “Cutaway” starring Steven Baldwin/Tom Berenger
  • Warner Brothers “Eraser” starring Arnold Schwarznegger
  • “Katuwira” starring Gabriela Roel
  • Paramount Pictures “Drop Zone” starring Wesley Snipes
  • Columbia Pictures “Cliff Hanger” starring Sylvester Stallone
  • Disney Pictures “Terminal Velocity” starring Charlie Sheen/Nastassja Kinski
  • Orion Pictures “Navy Seals” starring Charlie Sheen
  • Paramount Pictures “Star Trek – Generations”
  • “Hindustan Ki Kasam”, India
  • “Bud Light – Special Delivery For Vets” Worldwide
  • “ETB – Harry Potter” Colombia
  • “Calorie Mate” Japan
  • “Smirnoff – Double Black” Worldwide
  • “HTC” Worldwide
  • “Coca-Cola Zero” Japan
  • “Honda” India
  • “Coca-Cola” U.S. – Clio Award Winner
  • “Sports Illustrated” U.S.
  • “Visa” U.S.
  • “Army” U.S.
  • “Panasonic” Japan
  • “Florida Power and Light” U.S.
  • “Gianfranco Ferre” Japan
  • “Ford Escort” Spain
  • “Regions Bank” US.
  • “Target Stores” U.S.
  • “Shane Jeans” Korea
  • “Round Up Weed Spray” U.S.
  • “Ameritrust Bank” U.S.
  • “Cardizem” U.S
  • “Choice Hotels” U.S.
  • “Miller Clear, Miller Beer” U.S.
  • “Manhattan Lights Cigarettes” Peru
  • National Geographic Explorer “Birds Of Prey”
  • “Der Clown” Germany
  • Sat 1, Germany “Schutzengel”
  • RTL, Germany “Der Clown”
  • NBC movie “In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers” (Aerial D.P.)
  • CBS “Dave’s World”
  • Fox Network “Extreme Magic”
  • NBC “Real TV”
  • National Geographic Explorer “Right Up the Zipper”
  • Motley Crew Music Video “Kick Start my Heart”
  • UPN pilot “Shadow Ops”
  • Eye Witness Video “200 Way World Record Skydive”
  • “Saved by the Bell”
  • Japan “Naruhodo! The World”
  • Fox Network “The Ultimate Challenge”
  • A&E “FreeFalling”
  • “Rescue 911- Skydiving Rescue”
  • Sports Adventure- England “High 5”
  • More upon request
  • 1994 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Lillehammer, Norway
  • 1996 Para-Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Atlanta, USA
  • 1988 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Seoul, Korea
  • ABC Wide World of Sports “National Skydiving Relative Work Championships”
  • MTV Special/Tag Heuer “200 Way World Record, How Did They Do It?”
  • “Flightscape”
  • “Willing to Fly”
  • “From Wings Came Flight”
  • “Flight of the Dream Team”
  • “Kinesthesia – The Art of Body Flying”
  • “Freak Brothers Convention”
  • “The World Champion Air Bears”
  • “Ride a Cloud”
  • “Blue Skies Edition” Germany, Norman Kent Photographs
  • “Time Magazine”
  • “Sports Illustrated”
  • “Mary Glasgow Scholastic Magazine”
  • “LA Times Magazine”.
  • “Playboy Magazine”
  • “Guiness Book of World Records”
  • “Markee Magazine”
  • “New Worlds Magazine” France
  • “Minolta Mirror Magazine” International
  • “The News Journal”
  • “New Look Magazine”
  • “The Book”
  • “Parachutist”
  • “Skydiving Magazine”
  • “Blue Sky Magazine” Germany
  • “The Pink News” Austria
  • “Fallshirm Magazine” Austria
  • “Para-Mag” France
  • “Freefall Magazine” Germany
  • “90 Percent” Italy
  • “ Air Press Magazine” Brazil
  • “Canpara” Canada
  • “Skydive The Mag” England
  • “Fritfall Magazine” Norway
  • “Australian Skydiving Magazine” Australia
  • More upon request

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