Skydiving Stunt Coordinator Service

Stunt Coordinating

Skydiving Movie Productions has coordinated the most complex skydiving and aerial sequences for major motion pictures and commercials including sequences for “Grudge Match”, “Get Smart”, “HTC Commercial” and many more.

We have a very close professional relationship with the best aerial stunt performers and athletes in the world. Skydiving Movie Production services include Stunt Coordination ensuring our clients that through us they not only get the most experienced performers in their given specialty but also get performers who are used to working in movie and stills productions. The stunt performers we work with understand the process of capturing images and help us maximize results while working in extreme environments and remaining safe. We have a perfect safety record.

In addition to the best performers in the world, we also have a very close relationship with parachute centers, aircraft owners, aerial directors of photography, aerial coordinators, aerial fashion models, production equipment rental houses, parachute manufacturers, etc.

We only use the most experienced Aerial Directors Of Photography to capture professional skydiving images from any mounting platform including Helmet Mounted Cameras. Don’t be confused with skydivers wearing a camera vs. aerial DP’s who understand composition, timing, lighting, settings and how each shot will fit in to an end product. This is crucial for getting our clients the material they need for their production.

The cameras of choice for most of our clients and our own productions are the RED cameras however we can handle just about any camera out in the market. We will guide you through the process of camera selection to make sure the images we shoot in the air are the most powerful ones for your sequence.

as far as aircraft, we have access to the most modern jump aircraft as well as unique specialty aircraft for any needs. The aircraft we use are: Twin Otter (left side jump door), Skyvan (Tailgate), Cessna Caravan (left side jump door), PAC 750 (left side jump door), Cassa (tail gate), DC-3 (left side jump door), C-123, C130, Various helicopters and just about any aircraft necessary for jumping and to be used as a camera ship.

We are a One-Stop shop. Whether you are looking to shoot a sequence in Speed Skydiving, Formation Skydiving, Angle Flying, Wingsuit formations, Wingsuit Proximity Flying, or any other discipline related to skydiving or base jumping, we can make your project a reality from concept to completion.

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