In some instances, production companies who chose to do their own producing of skydiving, base jumping and aerial sequences simply need a bit of guidance to make sure they are not only hiring the right people but that they are not planning something that is unsafe or have unrealistic expectations. Other times they need help making sure that the sequences they are shooting look realistic to what actually happens in the air, for example when shooting Green-Screen with actors.

Norman Kent, founder of Skydiving Movie Productions has specialized in shooting skydiving and aerial sequences for over 35 years and being a current avid skydiver with over 27,000 jumps knows not only the three dimensional world of shooting aerials but also is very familiar with aerial environments. Norman and his team can provide consulting services for all aspects of your productions including the pre-production process, during the shooting of real sequences or green screen with actors and many other consulting services.

Consulting services from Skydiving Movie Productions are available no matter the level of involvement in any given project, be it a project where we handle all aspects or a project where we simply help you in one small area.

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